Top reasons to go with MachEye

Faster decisions with natural search

With Natural Search, suggestions, disambiguations and search prompts on any device, MachEye makes interacting with enterprise data easy and intuitive.

Discover opportunities with click-less

Using AI & ML in real-time, MachEye discovers hyper-personalized insights based on user interests and behaviors, uncovering opportunities automatically.

Greater engagement with audio-visuals

By presenting insights as Interactive Audio-Visuals, MachEye helps users understand, explore, and engage with data in a stress-free way.

Low-prep / No-prep deployments

With a cloud-native SaaS offering, MachEye connects to all your data sources with NO duplication or additional infrastructure.

Why choose MachEye?

Natural search with disambiguation

Going beyond attribute-based search, MachEye makes it easy to ask questions in simple human language, instead of complex machine syntax. MachEye analyzes search terms for disambiguation and suggests contextual recommendations. Search prompts and suggestions also guide users to the most popular recent searches.


Natural language generation and interactive audio-visuals

MachEye uses the art of data storytelling to present search results and insights in the form of audio-visuals. Text summaries and audio narrations are created on-the-fly using natural language generation, making business insights easy and interesting to consume. These audio-visuals encourage users to dive deep into data points and change chart types to visualize however they learn best.


“On demand” AI models

MachEye democratizes AI & ML technology for everyday use. From "day one" search recommendations to advanced click-less insights and alerts, MachEye guides users to the most actionable results based on their job title, interests, and past behavior. Users can use MachEye’s robust ML models to discover anomalies, outliers, segments, trends and more, or upload their own models to the platform.


Ease of integration for embedded analytics

By design, MachEye is built to integrate seamlessly with existing analytics platforms and systems used by organizations. MachEye’s features are available as APIs that can be embedded in existing setups without requiring huge overhaul.


Built-in data quality index

MachEye is the only BI platform that measures the quality of data on a continuous basis, and makes use of it for business insights. The data is ranked, based on several qualification criteria, and the ranking helps in prioritizing results and insights.


Multi device support for on-the-go analytics

MachEye brings flexibility to today's mobile workers by providing a full analytics experience on mobile and handheld devices. Users can watch audio-visuals, read headlines, ask questions, and create dashboards anywhere and anytime.


Faster deployments and lower TCO

MachEye connects to existing data sources easily and requires zero data duplication or storage. MachEye offers multiple deployment options (cloud, hybrid, and on-premises) and reduces implementation time from months to weeks, without additional infrastructure costs.