Why MachEye is a Now Tech Platform

We’re honored to be recognized in the latest Forrester Now Tech report of Augmented BI Platforms! This report provides a holistic view to business leaders about vendors who can deliver end-to-end analytics automation and consumption, drive effective change, and accelerate time-to-value for insights based on size, functionality, geography and vertical market focus.

According to Forrester, “Only 23% of data and analytics decision-makers report making better informed business decisions using insights from data and analytics. Now modern augmented BI platforms attempt to close some of the shortcomings of older enterprise BI platforms by infusing them with the power of AI.”

MachEye’s AI-powered search and storytelling platform enables last-mile intelligence for business pros, democratizes insights across every role for better business decisions, and adds a “play” button to enterprise data. The Forrester Now Tech report segments established technology players in the market and understands their capabilities, in preparation to evaluate potential partners to drive growth and support long-term strategies.

Forrester defines an augmented BI platform as: “Enterprise reporting and analytics software augmented with AI that provides descriptive and diagnostic analytics, data visualization and exploration, and dashboarding functionality as well as data integration and advanced (predictive and prescriptive) analytics based on statistical analysis and machine learning. These platforms support both graphical and conversational (cognitive) user interfaces.”

MachEye is the only BI & analytics platform that empowers every business user to discover, understand, and communicate insights in a self-service way. We combine intelligent search, actionable recommendations, and interactive stories in one cloud platform that delivers secure, governed, and personalized business insights without limits.