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Data duplication No No No
Deployment 100% Cloud 100% Cloud 100% Cloud or Hybrid
Data security and encryption
User management
Connect to any data source
Size of data in data source Limited to 2GB Limited to 2GB Can be Unlimited, per plan
Data discovery
Data curation
Data quality
Business rules
# of workspaces 1 1 Unlimited
Intelligent Search
Natural language search
Contextual search suggestions
Ambiguity corrections
Multi-phased queries
Search prompts
Auto corrections
Answer Recommendations
Trending & Favorites
Trust center
Mobile search
Actionable Recommendations
Answer recommendations
Automated ML model discovery
AI-driven insights
Multi-variate analysis
Growth analysis
Interactive Narrations
Automated chart visualizations
Natural language text narrations
Self-service dashboards
Sharing & Collaboration
Data tables & Pivot tables
Audio narrations
Granular access control
Embedded analytics
API Access
Product Support
Service level Next business day Custom

Built for the cloud

No Servers No Hassle

No servers, No hassle

Agile and scalable.

Rapid Provisioning

Rapid provisioning

More power to decision makers.

Accelerated Analytics

Accelerated Analytics

End-to-end self-service.

Security & Governance

No data duplication

Data is queried in a read-only mode, and is not stored on our servers.

Secure connections

Secure data connections to data warehouses.

Encryption for data

All data queried or stored is encrypted in transit and at rest.


Manage team access with your SAML identity provider.

By design

Secure and private by design.

User provisioning

User provisioning and de-provisioning.

Audit logs

Detailed audit and activity logs.

Role based access

Control access to data, catalog and other features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the MachEye subscription?

The subscription gives you access to all product features, maintenance, updates, and support at no additional cost for the duration of the subscription.

Do we have to migrate or duplicate data?

MachEye converts natural language queries into SQL and runs them in place. Processed results are used for visualization and storytelling but raw data is never duplicated.

Do I need to download any desktop clients?

MachEye is a 100% cloud product and can be accessed from anywhere and any device. Users can access it over the web or by using native apps on iOS and Android.

Can I try MachEye for free?

Of course! MachEye Basic is and will always be free. You can also try the Essentials plan for 15-days without an obligation using the Get Started link. Contact sales if you are interested in the MachEye Premium offering.

Who is MachEye for?

Although analysts and data scientists love our natural language querying, automated SQL generation, and AutoML, MachEye is designed to deliver self-service analytics for the decision maker.

Does MachEye offer discounts for NGOs and government orgs?

We are indebted to NGOs, researchers, and public servants. To demonstrate our support to them, we are giving away MachEye FREE for one year to help them get to information faster. Details