Actionable Recommendations for Insight-Driven Decisions

AI-powered deep data exploration that uncovers insights, opportunities, and actionable recommendations, personalized for each business user.

Mach Eye actionable recommendations machine learning models and insights
Mach Eye actionable recommendations machine learning models and insights

Become insight-driven with answers to “Why”


Insight-Driven Decisions

Become insight-driven, not just data-driven. With advanced insights, you're always ready to take strategic action and improve efficiency.


Understand Why Faster

Empower everyone to understand the “Why” behind every “What”. Dive deep into data to analyze crucial drivers and make informed decisions.


Personal Business Companion

Stay plugged into the latest business changes with automated and personalized insights – as if you had a trusted business companion.


AI Workflow Orchestration

Make AI intuitive with scalable and configurable AI models that align seamlessly to your business objectives and requirements.

AI-Powered Insights

MachEye empowers business users with instant AI-powered insights on anomalies, analogies, growth rates, and trends. Analysts can now focus on important problem-solving instead of manual questions.

Mach Eye Answer Recommendations anticipate the next 5 data questions

Answer Recommendations

Beyond just answers, MachEye anticipates the next 5 relevant questions you might ask and presents actionable recommendations across multiple dimensions and perspectives.

Mach Eye Integrated Model Workflows for AI orchestration and customization

Integrated Model Workflows

With powerful AI models and sophisticated algorithms, MachEye enables seamless and scalable orchestration and easy customization of models according to business objectives and requirements.

MachEye offers a low-prep / no-prep cloud deployment platform that gets your data analytics up and running in minutes.

With a variety of data connectors available, you can easily plug into your existing data sources and start querying data live. No data duplication or transformation is required.

Built with AI as an Architecture, MachEye offers robust ML models to help you get the most out of your data. You can also integrate your home-grown or out-of-the-box models easily.

MachEye's unique Data Quality Index helps you identify and improve the quality of data, and in turn quality of insights. Stay current with accurate analysis!