Data Observability for Accurate Answers & Insights

Data Observability
for Accurate Answers & Insights

Clear visibility of data quality as an index that is constantly measured across key dimensions. We assist in enhancing data observability with the intent to enrich the quality of your analytics.

Mach Eye Data observability for trusted business insights
Mach Eye Data observability for trusted business insights

Enrich Quality of Data & Analytics



View your data quality index on a scale at attribute, entity and workspace level, and understand it as clearly as an air quality index.



Conduct objective data quality assessments and configure custom rules in a user-friendly way to ensure high quality data for analytics.



Observe data quality across 8 key dimensions in real time, control issues effectively, and fix them promptly for timely accurate insights.



Save time identifying and troubleshooting issues with data quality scores and actionable findings to enrich data on an on-going basis.

Enriched Value of Data

Mach Eye automated data catalog labels and classifies data for easy search Mach Eye computed attributes configure custom business metrics Mach Eye Data Quality Index for better governance and insights

View & Fix Data Quality Issues

Use actionable findings and "Fix It" suggestions on data quality to instantly locate specific instances and get a snapshot report on data quality at no extra cost.

Analytics Workflow Integration

Improve analytics workflow by making only the required entities or attributes searchable, reducing data noise, and saving time and effort at data store level.

Reliable & Accessible Data

Keep data reliable and accessible with data quality reports delivered in minutes, instead of multi-year timeframes offered by legacy solutions.

Improved Efficiency

Mach Eye unified audit logs for data governance review Mach Eye usage auditing for governance and accountability Mach Eye usage patterns for enterprise data search results

Better Search Analytics

Increase user satisfaction, adoption and ROI of search analytics by avoiding inferior quality attributes and ensuring high precision insights

Trustworthy Insights

Build trust in data and improve output of AI models by controlling attributes based on data quality and preventing spurious and questionable artifacts.

Empower Business Users

Improve productivity and efficiency of business users by empowering them with high quality data and timely actionable insights.