MachEye Empowers Modern SaaS Platforms with Embedded Augmented Analytics

MachEye enables modern SaaS platforms to unlock data consumption with embedded augmented analytics

SaaS products can now empower business users to explore data live, have collaborative data conversations, and access actionable insights

EIN NEWS San Jose, CA, May 11 2022: MachEye, an augmented analytics product company, today announced the general availability of a new powerful, easy-to-use embedded offering for product-led companies. A modern SaaS platform provider can now add MachEye’s technology into customer-facing applications, providing users with self-service analytics. This has a massive increase in the product adoption as users can then explore data, ask questions, and consume insights through an intuitive & simple user interface.

MachEye combines AI and NLP to deeply understand users’ intent in depth to deliver instant results, actionable insights, and interactive audio-visual stories. SaaS platform providers can integrate MachEye seamlessly with their applications using embedded APIs, without any changes to existing infrastructure and without using valuable engineering resources. This solves product adoption challenges for SaaS vendors and give them more time to focus on their core functionality. Features including intelligent search, automated dashboards, natural language summaries, and interactive stories, are available to business users through the embedded MachEye platform enabling users to understand “what, why & how” behind key business metrics with root-cause analysis. MachEye has traditionally offered low-prep/ no-prep onboarding because of its unique automated data model, curated by built-in data catalog, along with an ability to define computed attributes for business metrics. This capability is extended to the SaaS vendors as a part of the embedded offering.

Aviso recently partnered with MachEye to provide its user base an ability to converse with data and instantly get answers without knowing the complexities of data engineering & analytics.

“MachEye’s intelligent search technology is a disruptive capability that enables Aviso to provide a differentiated experience in the RevOps space,” said Harish Dittakavi, Aviso’s EVP of Operations.

Harish added, “In the world of sales, time is of the essence, and our platform is the only RevOps platform where users have self-service capability. This will not only have a huge impact on our growth & customer satisfaction but also reduce support & engineering costs. MachEye will help us to consolidate our position as the leader in RevOps.”

MachEye offers innovative technology to make analytics consumable and actionable that works across a range of industries and use cases such as marketing, sales, customer success, revenue operations, vendor management, and finance operations. Thanks to its low-prep / no-prep onboarding, organizations can get started on MachEye’s augmented analytics platform quickly, without any additional overhead or infrastructure overhaul. With MachEye, business users can now ask questions, get answers and AI-powered actionable insights to make intelligent decisions, and even monitor their key metrics daily without any technical assistance or expertise.

Ramesh Panuganty, Founder & CEO of MachEye said “Aviso is a cutting-edge platform, and we are excited to participate in Aviso’s growth story. We want to partner with best-in-class product companies to power product data conversations.

Our platform has API as a foundation to enable product managers to architect products with analytics & insights over a static dashboard.

Partnering with a leading-edge software player like Aviso will help us make significant progress in this high growth market opportunity.”

About MachEye

MachEye’s augmented analytics platform transforms the way organizations integrate their data, decisions, and operations. While current analytical platforms only answer “what” questions on data, MachEye helps answer “what, why and how” scenarios for everyone at an organization. Decision makers at any level can now receive actionable insights and recommendations through a “Google-like” search experience and “YouTube-like” audio-visual experience, in addition to charts and self-service analytics. MachEye adds a "play" button to make data consumable and actionable! For more information, please visit: https://www.macheye.com/.

About Aviso

Aviso is the AI-guided Revenue Operating System that provides sales and go-to-market teams a single pane of glass to accelerate growth, win more deals, and reduce risk. Aviso delivers integrated revenue intelligence for all go-to-market team members, drives team-wide actions and course corrections, and enables AI augmentation to help sales teams reduce the burden of CRM. With demonstrated results across Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Honeywell, NetApp, Seagate, Elastic, Armis, Ivanti, RingCentral, and Marlin Equity Partners, Aviso works at the frontier of AI application.