business users with
deep data engagement

Discover AI-powered insights and accelerate better business decisions with natural search, click-less intelligence, and interactive audio-visuals.

Experience your data like never before

Natural Search

Natural Search
for Faster Decisions

Empower business users to make faster data-driven decisions by conversing naturally with data, without expert dependency. Just ask in simple language to get instant answers.

Click-less Intelligence

Click-less Intelligence
Uncovers Opportunities

Identify opportunities with AI-powered deep exploration and personalized recommendations for everyone in the organization. Gain better control with built-in data governance.

Interactive Audio-Visuals

Interactive Audio-Visuals
Increase User Adoption

Experience insights in an entirely new way with interactive audio-visuals and narrations. MachEye works as a personal business companion to identify and deliver insights anytime and anywhere.

Gartner Cool Vendor 2020
We are very proud to be named a May 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor. Here’s why.

Add a “play” button to data

Everyday business intelligence is now as simple as pressing play. MachEye equips enterprises with an integrated cloud-native platform that offers natural search and click-less intelligence, and delivers interactive audio-visuals for unlimited insights.

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Add a play button to data Add a play button to data
Contextual AI models for automatic discovery of advanced insights such as anomalies, trends, and segments.
Instant natural language-to-SQL generation with a live data warehouse connection to answer queries in real time.
Storytelling with interactive audio-visuals to make analytics as easy and engaging as social media experiences.

Solutions for Teams

MachEye Complete Analytics Platform

MachEye’s platform is a 100% native cloud offering that makes accessing data and insights easy from any device, anywhere. No installation required.

Get started with analytics in seconds by asking questions in simple language. No SQL or complex syntax, no learning curve.

Discover insights such as anomalies, trends or analogies with powerful AI models to help you make business decisions better and faster.

View interactive audio-visuals, listen to narrated summaries, and compile your findings in dashboards on the go. Get started at a price less than one coffee a week!