What is Intelligent Search and How it Works

by Chris Afiesh, Director of Sales

What is Intelligent Search and How it Works

by Chris Afiesh, Director of Sales

Traditional enterprise analytics has always operated in the paradigm of ‘you only get what you ask for’ – where a business user asks for a report and it’s returned by the analysts or experts after a period of time. Augmented analytics demonstrates the benefits of adding a ‘search capability’ in this process. A properly implemented search technology coupled with enterprise data can be of immense value to your organization.

Search technology is offered by a few vendors in the market, however the maturity and richness of their features span across a few “generations.” The first generation of search technology used in augmented analytics platforms is a keyword-based search, where users must query attributes or words that are pre-populated at the time of configuration. The second generation of search technology understands more scenarios and keywords, yet is still limited to the context of a report or dashboard. The latest generation of search is an intelligent search technology, which provides precise results by understanding natural, incomplete, and even ambiguous phrases.

As data volumes and complexity both grow rapidly in the modern digital world, it has become imperative that all users at an organization can efficiently explore data without depending on analysts or technical skills.

Search-based augmented analytics platforms like MachEye use intelligent search powered by AI and NLP to empower decision makers with insightful data. For example, business users can ask an ambiguous question such as “how are drive thru sales doing” in the search box. An intelligent search-based analytics technology will interpret this question and respond with results supported by narrations and visualizations.

What is Intelligent Search?

Intelligent search provides an intuitive user interface where anyone can ask questions or request data. It also leverages AI to understand the intent of a user’s question and even suggests search prompts. Once a user types in a question, the tool will automatically transform it into a SQL statement and send that to the connected data store, fetching the appropriate results. An augmented analytics platform like MachEye will subsequently run machine learning models that enhance the results with relevant and adjacent insights, such as anomalies or root-causes analysis.

Why is intelligent search essential for a modern analytics platform?

What does a marketing analyst, a supply chain manager, and a chief executive officer all have in common?

Answer: Success in their roles largely depends on quick access to accurate data and insights.

The explosion of data in the digital world has made it increasingly challenging for users across an organization to explore data and make informed decisions on the fly. It is commonly believed that AI is vital for companies to survive and thrive, but how do organizations enable widespread usage of AI & ML?

Historically these sophisticated techniques have resided only in groups that have data science expertise, and certainly could not be utilized by non-technical business users. Innovative providers such as MachEye have shattered this bottleneck by offering a search-based augmented analytics platform, where users can consume actionable insights without data science training.

Benefits of intelligent search technology in your data stack

Collecting and processing enterprise data is only as valuable as the action it inspires. Organizations spend millions of dollars developing robust data pipelines, yet often lack the ability to get the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

Augmented analytics platforms such as MachEye help organizations make faster decisions with AI-based insights and help waste less time trying to make sense of complex data. Providing a self-service, search-based platform also reduces the number of trivial requests for IT, allowing them to dedicate more resources to address key business priorities. Intelligent search technology helps modern organizations enable a data-driven culture where every user feels empowered to conduct powerful analysis tailored to their role and interests.

A strong use case for intelligent search technology

Revenue operations is a function that has typically suffered from siloed data, time delays, and unreliable insights. With MachEye’s intelligent search and robust functionality, organizations can connect to their CRM data, integrate other related datasets, and create their dashboards in minutes. On top of that, teams can easily explore data as questions arise and consume proactive insights generated by AI.

MachEye is an innovative augmented analytics platform that offers intelligent search, AI-powered insights, and root-cause analysis in a simple interface for every business user.

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