Make decisions faster than ever before


Google-like Search Experience

Enjoy an intuitive, Google-like search experience to ask business questions the same way you do everyday Internet searches.


Never Wait for A Report Again

No more waiting days or weeks for reports and dashboards. Use intelligent search to get instant answers and make fast decisions.


Spend Time on What's Important

With powerful analytics at your fingertips, save time discovering or cleaning data and spend your energy on decisive action instead.


Get Started with Any Topic

Don't know where to start your search? Just click the search box to get AI-powered search suggestions.

Natural Search

Instant Answers

Going beyond mere keywords, MachEye understands your queries, identifies the context in which you asked, and provides instant answers with charts and narration.

Ambiguity Corrections

Ambiguity Corrections

By providing ambiguity correction, search suggestions, and search prompts, MachEye helps you refine your queries to arrive at the exact information you were looking for.

Computed Attributes

Computed Attributes

MachEye helps you analyze unexplored dimensions in your data. By creating computed attributes, you can derive values not directly present in the data to provide additional business context.

MachEye Complete Analytics Platform

MachEye offers a low-prep / no-prep cloud deployment platform that gets your data analytics up and running in minutes.

With a variety of data connectors available, you can easily plug into your existing data sources and start querying data live. No data duplication or transformation is required.

Built with AI as an Architecture, MachEye offers robust ML models to help you get the most out of your data. You can also integrate your home-grown or out-of-the-box models easily.

MachEye's unique Data Quality Index helps you identify and improve the quality of data, and in turn quality of insights. Stay current with accurate analysis!