Case Study: Aviso Empowers RevOps Users with Self-Service Search Experience

Challenge: Lack of user engagement & high operational costs

Aviso provides sales managers and sales teams with a clear view on their deals, pipelines, trends, and forecasts using various dashboards and filters. Sales managers were required to select a number of filters to arrive at answers for such specific questions. They couldn’t ask ad hoc questions such as “what are the at-risk opportunities?” or “show the list of all interactions for ACME opportunity this month”. This also meant that they had to either ask for help in understanding the filters or depend on experts to extract the answers for them. This resulted in long time delays and potentially outdated insights.

Solution: Self-service natural search interface

Aviso embedded MachEye’s “Google like” Intelligent Search in a new Self-Service section of their RevOps platform. Sales managers can now use this intelligent search box to ask ad hoc questions about deals, pipelines, and wins in simple natural language. Regardless of technical skill level, they can perform search-driven analytics and receive actionable insights through a natural search experience.

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