Enhance Your Data Analytics with MachEye’s SearchAI

by Ramesh Panuganty, Founder & CEO

Enhance Your Data Analytics with MachEye’s SearchAI

by Ramesh Panuganty, Founder & CEO

Search is the most basic, popular, and easy way to access information and get your questions answered instantly. A properly implemented search technology coupled with enterprise data can be of immense value to any organization. However, enterprise search is 10 times more complex than a Google search. It requires a strong AI-powered architecture, well-researched logic, and carefully calibrated models. And more importantly, a simplified but powerful search interface.

Traditional search in legacy analytics systems was designed for technical users like IT teams and analysts who understand database table structures and can manipulate or query data using SQL and other technical means. But for business decision makers, who depend on insights to make important decisions, it is difficult to use these legacy systems. They need an intuitive search which helps them ask questions in simple language and get instant insights.

Recognizing this pressing need, MachEye built from grounds-up a simple yet intelligent AI-powered enterprise search that offers a contextual, seamless, and intuitive search experience. Let’s learn about this search technology we call SearchAI that has helped many enterprises unlock data and insights for every decision makers.

What is SearchAI?

SearchAI, MachEye’s AI-powered Enterprise Search solution, integrates the powers of Generative AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to understand search queries entered in simple language, identify user’s intent behind a query, and provide instant contextual answers.

SearchAI enables all users, especially the non-technical business users, to ask their questions in simple human language, instead of learning technical syntax and SQL queries. This makes the search experience more human and conversational for users, thus empowering them to become self-reliant, proactive, and data-driven in their decisions.

Here are some examples of questions users can ask their enterprise data using MachEye’s SearchAI:

  • Did the iced coffee sales improve in the last couple of quarters?
  • Cities with low sales during Christmas campaign
  • What was the customer churn last quarter?
  • What was the renewal rate for Premium pack?
  • Show me the top 5 preferred services by customers last month
  • Compare leads generated by Instagram and LinkedIn

SearchAI interprets such questions correctly and responds with results supported by narrations and visualizations. See the interesting insights uncovered from the 2020 wildfires data by MachEye’s AI-powered search.

10 Ways in which SearchAI Enhances Data Analytics

MachEye’s SearchAI may look like the everyday search box. But under its hood, lies an intricate network of various technologies like natural language processing (NLP), ambiguity corrections, ranking models, prioritization models, natural language generation (NLG), and machine learning models and algorithms that make search not only simple but also intelligent.

SearchAI enhances the data analytics experience for all types of users in the following ways:

1. Eliminates the learning curve through an intuitive search interface

Using SearchAI, users can type their questions in simple language, without requiring to learn any SQL or depend on experts for guidance. Natural language search makes the search experience conversational and easy for users. They can also drag and drop the required attributes from the suggested attributes list in the search box, without forming a phrase or question.


2. Helps users get started by offering suggested searches

SearchAI generates a list of suggested searches from data source automatically. Users can simply click these suggestions to start searching. They can also filter and rate these suggestions, so SearchAI learns about the suggestions that are relevant and improves them.


3. Refines search queries with ambiguity corrections

SearchAI offers ambiguity corrections to help refine search queries. It also guides users with in-line prompts, recent searches, and search recommendations so that they get the exact information that they were looking for quickly.

4. Identifies contexts in search queries to deliver relevant answers

SearchAI identifies different contextual meanings that can emerge in a search query. For example, when searching for "sales in California," SearchAI understands that California can refer to both the state and city. So it presents all possible contexts in the search result and allows users to choose and access the relevant information.

5. Delivers useful related insights beyond answers

SearchAI does not restrict users to a “you only get what you ask” approach. Along with the answer to the main query, SearchAI also finds out related insights that can be useful for users to get a comprehensive view of the situation. This helps users delve into details without performing multiple searches, thus saving time and removing complexities from analysis.

6. Reduces time-to-insights, especially for complex analyses

SearchAI makes advanced analytics such as identifying root causes, monitoring anomalies, and tracking trends easy by presenting these analyses along with the answer. Based on the original query, SearchAI looks for any anomalies, analogies, clusters, trends and predictions related to the query. This helps users understand not only what happened, but why it happened and how to proceed ahead. By presenting actionable insights upfront, SearchAI reduces time-to-insights from weeks to minutes.

7. Monitors usage patterns and provides search rankings

SearchAI provides insights into what and how users search which is useful to keep improving enterprise search. The ability to track usage patterns, identify frequent terms used for search, and user-rated search queries can help data engineers and analysts refine search logic and models to cater to the exact needs of the decision makers.

8. Integrates easily in business applications to offer a seamless experience

With its robust APIs and SDKs, MachEye’s SearchAI can be fully embedded in existing business applications. By residing within the applications, MachEye ensures insights are readily available where users make decisions and take actions. Users get the benefits of on-demand insights through a seamless experience without shifting away from their core business applications.

9. Maintains transparency the search process transparent

SearchAI ensures transparency in terms of how it processes search queries. Through its Trust Center, it presents a visual breakdown of the search query into intent, entities, and attributes. Understanding the query parsing process this way instills confidence among users about the answers and insights generated by SearchAI.

10. Extracts insights from real-time data through direct data connectors

MachEye connects directly with a variety of cloud-based and on-premise data sources. Data duplication is prevented and time required to load new data every time is saved. This ensures that users always get the latest data for their search, instead of using week-old or month-old versions.

How SearchAI Works

SearchAI parses and processes search queries asked by users in the following ways:

  • As users type their question in the search box, search prompts guide them in constructing their question. Along with search prompts, related search suggestions and past searches are also shown to help users express their questions faster.
  • Once the user enters the question, SearchAI interprets it using a combination of natural language processing, language dictionaries, and other technologies. The question is also checked for ambiguity correction, context normalization, and phrase completion.
  • Then it is automatically transformed into a logical SQL statement. This SQL is sent to the connected data store for fetching the appropriate answers.
  • Using Generative AI, SearchAI creates text summaries, audio narrations, and audio-visual data stories on-the-fly to present the answers.
  • SearchAI also goes one step forward to run advanced machine learning models that extract related and actionable insights, such as anomalies, trends, or root-causes analysis, to make the answers more comprehensive.

With SearchAI, the process of extracting contextual answers and advanced insights only takes seconds, as compared to traditional analytics which may take days or even weeks to perform deep analysis and extract relevant results.

Benefits of SearchAI

MachEye’s SearchAI helps organizations extract the full potential from their data and get good returns on their analytics investments in the following ways:

Make decision makers insight-driven

With a simple and intuitive search interface, SearchAI enables users to ask business questions just the way they use internet search or ask their team mates. Even non-technical business users can get started with data analytics from day one, without going through extensive technical training. By removing dependency on experts and IT teams, business users can get quick answers to their daily questions in real time. This improves their productivity, increases their confidence, and helps them adopt data-driven decision making.

Gain more insights in a single search

With SearchAI, users can go beyond the “what” to find out “how” and “why” business changes happened. This helps them understand root causes and identify key influencing factors. For example, for a simple query like “product sales in 2022”, MachEye’s SearchAI not only returns the sales figures for the year, but also provides the growth comparison to previous years, shows a breakup for sales by region, product, or store, and highlights anomalies if a particular region or product fared exceedingly well or had significant drops in sales along with influencing factors. This saves time and efforts in asking multiple and iterative questions to gain a complete picture.

Improve data literacy and data democratization

SearchAI helps organizations enable a data-driven culture where every user feels empowered to conduct powerful analysis tailored to their role and interests. By making insights actionable and consumable, SearchAI removes bottlenecks and increases adoption of analytics. It not only enabling data democratization but also ensures that data governance policies is maintained while opening up access to data and insights for everyone.

Gain good returns on analytics investment

Providing a self-service search-based platform, SearchAI can reduce the number of trivial requests for IT, allowing them to dedicate more resources to address key business priorities. This improves productivity, increases operational efficiencies, reduces costs, and ensures quicker time-to-market. This way, organizations are able to increase their ROI on analytics platforms and plan better for the future.

Elevate Your Enterprise Data with MachEye’s SearchAI

Organizations no longer have to bear the loss resulting from unused data, stale insights, and the disconnect between data and decision makers. MachEye’s SearchAI offers a modern analytics experience that simplifies analytics, gives more control to the users, reduces time-to-insights, promotes a data-driven decision making culture, and integrates seamlessly in existing applications. With its intelligent search, interactive audio-visuals, and actionable insights, MachEye makes enterprise data consumable for everyone.