Interactive Stories for Engaging Data Experiences

Interactive Stories
for Engaging Data Experiences

Easily consumable and engaging data experiences powered by storytelling: Interactive charts and automatic natural language narration make analytics an audio-visual experience.

Mach Eye interactive stories are like YouTube for enterprise data
Mach Eye interactive stories are like YouTube for enterprise data

Watch insights emerge by clicking “Play”


YouTube-like Experiences

Enjoy the only YouTube-like experience for business data, where insights come alive through engaging and interactive audio-visual stories.


Audio-Visual Narratives

Improve your understanding of insights faster with narrated summaries, instead of spending time interpreting reports.


Hyper Personalization

Get personalized insights automatically delivered as Business Headlines. Always be aware of what's happening in your data, even before you search.

interactive stories improved adoption and ROI

Improved Adoption and ROI

Encourage insight-driven culture, improve user adoption, and ensure high ROI with an intuitive user-friendly analytics experience.

Natural Language Text & Audio Generation

Using the power of storytelling to present insights, MachEye generates audio-visuals on-the-fly for each search query along with interactive visualizations, charts, text, and audio narrations.

Mach Eye improves user adoption and ROI with
                                intuitive analytics

Improved Adoption and ROI

With built-in data governance and policies, MachEye enables organizations to empower everyone to find their own answers, while ensuring compliance and security.

Mach Eye presents insights anytime, anywhere with interactive stories on mobile devices

Insights Anytime, Anywhere

With MachEye, business users can ask questions, watch interactive stories and headlines, review recommendations, and create dashboards on their mobile devices on the go.

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