Revolutionize Analytics for Business Users

The traditional BI paradigm restricts business users to a “what you ask is what you get” type approach limited to custom reports and static dashboards. This approach is time-consuming and does not incorporate advanced AI-powered insights that are vital in today’s business environment. Too often we hear business leaders complain about scant user adoption of analytics platforms resulting in low ROI on technology spend.

MachEye reimagines business intelligence to deliver Click-less analytics that answers natural language questions instantly, leverages contextual AI models to generate advanced insights, and presents insights as interactive audio-visual stories. MachEye brings personalized and contextual insights to users even when there are no questions asked. The Click-less Analytics platform makes consumption of business intelligence not only insightful, but also fun.

This data sheet highlights how MachEye simplifies analytics:

  • Faster Decisions with Intelligent Search
  • Uncover Opportunities with Actionable Recommendations
  • Increase User Engagement with Interactive Stories