Low-prep / No-prep Onboarding for Instant Data Experiences

An automated data model that enriches metadata, discovers relationships, and measures data quality while quickly onboarding data stores.

Mach Eye low-prep no-prep onboarding for instant data insights
Mach Eye low-prep no-prep onboarding for instant data insights

Initiate analytics action with an automated catalog


Fast Onboarding

Connect to a variety of data stores instantly and get curated data enriched with entity relationships and metadata ready for use.


Data Catalog Made Easy

Gain complete visibility of your data, set searchable parameters easily, and define computed attributes for comprehensive analysis.


Integrated Data Quality

Understand the quality of your data measured and ranked on six quality index levels to ensure accurate and reliable insights.


Business Metrics Tracking

Empower everyone towards common business goals by enabling business metrics to contextualize insights and actionable insights.

Mach Eye reliable data model with always on access

Reliable Data Model, Always-On Access

MachEye automatically discovers data models and enables you to manage metadata models complete with business logic to ensure consistent answers.

Mach Eye automated data catalog enriches data with synonyms

Data Catalog Made Easy

MachEye's automated data catalog enriches data with friendly terms and synonyms that actual users use. You get complete control to decide what can be searched for better results.

Integrated Data Quality for Trusted Answers

With its built-in Data Quality Index, MachEye continuously measures and ranks the data quality for accurate answers, full transparency, and traceability to the source data to ensure consistent and trusted insights.

MachEye offers a low-prep / no-prep cloud deployment platform that gets your data analytics up and running in minutes.

With a variety of data connectors available, you can easily plug into your existing data sources and start querying data live. No data duplication or transformation is required.

Built with AI as an Architecture, MachEye offers robust ML models to help you get the most out of your data. You can also integrate your home-grown or out-of-the-box models easily.

MachEye's unique Data Quality Index helps you identify and improve the quality of data, and in turn quality of insights. Stay current with accurate analysis!