Analytics Copilot for Every Business User

Unleash the full potential of modern analytics with enterprise controls and generative AI to every business user. Discover a new level of data exploration and instant time to action.

mach eye unlock insights: Copilot with SearchAI
mach eye unlock insights: Copilot with SearchAI

Under the hood of SearchAI

Unveiling the Inner Workings

MachEye’s SearchAI, an embedded analytics Copilot, offers intelligent search, actionable insights, and interactive stories on your business data. We empower every user with conversational answers, summarized narratives, and audio-visual presentations. Unlike traditional analytical platforms that only provide answers to "what" questions on data, MachEye offers a comprehensive solution that enables users to answer "what, why, and how" scenarios for every user.

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actionable-insights Actionable Insights

Become insight-driven with AI-powered actionable insights. With robust configurable AI models, MachEye discovers advanced insights such as anomalies, outliers, clusters, and business drivers. MachEye tells you “Why” business metrics are changing so you can take strategic action.

AI-driven insights
Automated model discovery
Automated model deployment
Business metrics & drivers
Why analysis
Business headlines

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interactive-stories Interactive Stories

Accelerate insight consumption and value with interactive data stories. Audio-visuals are created on-the-fly to answer your query and communicate insights through audio narrations and summaries. This storytelling approach makes understanding data as interesting and as easy as your favorite podcast.

Interactive audio-visuals
Automated charts & visualizations
NLG text narrations
NLG audio narrations
Sharing & collaboration
Self-service dashboards

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data-governance Data Governance

Manage user access to data at granular levels with prebuilt or custom policies. Ensure that users have access to the data they require based on role, geography, or line of business. MachEye helps you achieve data governance and compliance in a seamless way.

Granular access control
Policy Definition
Policy Enforcement
User Group Management
Auditing & Reporting

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low-prep-no-prep Low-Prep / No-Prep Catalog

Gain visibility into and curate your data for maximum usability. With MachEye’s automated data catalog, your data is automatcally enriched with relationships and metadata. MachEye’s built-in Data Quality Index identifies and rates data quality from the data store to attribute level.

Data discovery
Data model curation
Data quality index
Business rules
Business metrics

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