Instant Actionable Insights to Create Data-Driven Organizations

Empower every business user, regardless of technical skill level, to instantly become self-service data consumers. Eliminate manual time and effort on report creation and reduce turnaround time and data preparation for analyst teams.

Minimize analytics effort and maximize business impact


Drive insight-driven decisions

Extend augmented analytics across the organization with no coding and no complexity, enabling users to converse with data instantly. Built-in business driver identification helps users understand “why” metrics change for better and faster decisions.


Reduce burden on technical teams

Eliminate routine manual reporting and long turnaround times on answering business questions, helping reduce workload for overburdened analyst teams. Free up technical resources to work on complex problems instead of ad hoc analysis.


Deploy self-service instantly

Deploy real-time analytics rapidly with Low Prep/No Prep Onboarding and no data duplication. Connect to any data store, cloud or on-premise, or simply upload using CSV to quickly start making data consumable and actionable for every user.


Automate data preparation

Curate data, measure quality, and prepare data for analysis more quickly with an automated data catalog and data quality index. Easily apply data governance policies without writing code to ensure compliance and role-based access for data.

Instantly enable self-service analytics for all users

Technical teams must cater to ad hoc requests from the entire business organization with limited resources. MachEye’s augmented analytics platform takes manual work off their plate by helping every business user converse with data and find actionable insights – no training or coding required. IT can deploy self-service analytics in days or weeks with MachEye’s low prep/no prep onboarding, built-in data connectors, and automated data preparation and cataloging.

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Contextual AI models for automatic discovery of advanced insights such as anomalies, trends, and segments.
Instant natural language-to-SQL generation with a live data warehouse connection to answer queries in real time.
Storytelling with interactive stories to make analytics as easy and engaging as social media experiences.