Data Governance for Granular Access & Security

Data Governance
for Granular Access & Security

Build confidence for broader adoption by enforcing authorized users to access the right data elements with granular controls of permissions and access policies.

Mach Eye Data Governance for trusted business insights
Mach Eye Data Governance for trusted business insights

Enterprise Data Security & Governance


Policy Definition

Author access policies easily without writing code to manage granular levels of user access to required data.


Policy Enforcement

Automatically apply granular policies to govern all generative content, including search, answers, insights, and headlines.


Policy Integration

Effortlessly integrate policies across all applications and automate user provisioning, changes, and transitions.


Discovery & Detection

Discover evolving user needs and access to sensitive data elements from unified audit logs for improved governance.

Data: Safeguarding the Fuel of the Future

Mach Eye automated data catalog labels and classifies data for easy search Mach Eye computed attributes configure custom business metrics Mach Eye Data Quality Index for better governance and insights

Data Quality

Identify data quality at a granular level for better governance and accuracy of insights.

Data Masking

Apply dynamic data masking techniques to provide sensitive data elements internally and externally.

Automatic Classification

Label and classify data for easy search access with the automated data catalog.

Auditing & Reporting

Mach Eye unified audit logs for data governance review Mach Eye usage auditing for governance and accountability Mach Eye usage patterns for enterprise data search results

Unified Audit Logs

Review additions and changes to data, workspaces, members and configurations.

Usage Auditing

Access audit logs and configuration changes for better governance and accountability.

Usage Patterns

Discover the most searched phrases, answered or not answered words and phrases.

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