Self-Service Analytics for Financial Services

Transform financial transactions and customer data into insights and assess risk with AI-powered actionable insights from MachEye.

Self-Service Analytics for Financial Services

Maximize customer lifetime value


Quicker Customer Assessments

Analyze financial details, history, and credit scores to minimize risk in loan applications. Identify anomalies and analogies in transactions to spot potential risks and threats.


Personalization & Segmentation

Get actionable insights across segments to understand customer needs and financial goals. Create tailored offerings and services to ensure better customer experience.


Drive Revenue Growth

Review performance across banking products and promotions to create optimal product strategies. Retain customers and increase revenue with real-time insights on upsell opportunities.


Increase Opportunities

Get instant answers on transactions, accounts, interest rates, and cash positions. Empower bankers and brokers with access to insights on wealth management and investment opportunities.

Grow Revenue and Reduce Risks

Financial organizations are constantly looking for opportunities to offer personalized products and offers to match customer needs. MachEye’s self-service analytics for Financial Services answers complex questions and finds deep insights on customer preferences, financial history, transaction status, and accounts. Bank managers and business users can leverage actionable insights to identify anomalies in transactions and uncover opportunities to reduce risk and increase revenue.

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Contextual AI models for automatic discovery of advanced insights such as anomalies, trends, and segments.
Instant natural language-to-SQL generation with a live data warehouse connection to answer queries in real time.
Storytelling with interactive stories to make analytics as easy and engaging as social media experiences.

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