Resources For Click-less Intelligence



What is MachEye?

MachEye is the only personal business companion built for every business user at an organization and for all their data. MachEye shatters the barriers that prevent organizations of all sizes from unleashing personalized BI for everyone. With MachEye, enterprises are equipped with a single, integrated platform that delivers insights as interactive audio-visuals, combined with natural search and click-less intelligence.


Click-less Analytics

MachEye reimagines business intelligence to deliver Click-less analytics that answers natural language questions instantly, leverages contextual AI models to generate advanced insights, and presents insights as interactive audio-visuals. MachEye brings personalized and contextual insights to users even when there are no questions asked. The Click-less Analytics platform makes consumption of business intelligence not only insightful, but also fun.


How to Revolutionize Analytics for Business Users

How do you bridge that gap to make data more consumable? This paper highlights the future direction of analytics, including: Scaling BI and analytics tools beyond analysts to regular non-technical business users Leveraging a combination of home-grown and open source machine learning models to automatically surface and deliver business insights Interacting with data through natural language audio-visuals instead of creating more reports and dashboards