Decision intelligence for any data source

Maintain single source of truth for real time insights


Instant Onboarding

Connect to any data store, cloud or on-premise, or simply upload using CSV to quickly start making data consumable and actionable.


No Data Duplication

Avoid data duplication and storage costs by connecting directly to your data source. Have confidence that actionable insights are always based on the latest data.


Secure Data Governance

Apply fine-grained data governance policies easily without writing code to ensure compliance and role-based access for your data.


Quick Start Analytics

Curate data, measure quality, and prepare data for analysis more quickly with an automated data catalog and data quality index.

Access data sources seamlessly

Choose your favorite from the variety of data connectors offered by MachEye.

Once connected to a data store, data is automatically curated and entity relationships within data are identified. Our built-in data catalog provides usable and curated metadata for accurate insights. Users can perform customized calculations by defining computed attributes.

With no data duplication or storage required, implementation time is reduced from months to weeks, without additional infrastructure costs.

AWS Redshift
Azure Synapse
Databricks Spark
Google BigQuery
Apache Hive
MS SQLServer
Apache Presto
Snowflake CDP
Teradata Vantage