Single source of truth

Connect directly to your existing data sources with zero data duplication. MachEye believes in maintaining a single source of truth and saves you the hassle of duplicating your enterprise data.

Data warehouses

Data Warehouses

Connect your on-premises or cloud-hosted data

Cloud services

Cloud Services

Access your data from cloud services instantly

Access data sources seamlessly

Choose your favorite from the variety of data connectors offered by MachEye.

AWS Redshift
Azure Synapse
Google BigQuery
Snowflake CDP

Connect in minutes and start your data analytics journey

30 min
Natural Search
Ask your questions in simple language and get instant answers with charts and narrations.
24 Hours
Discover related searches similar to what you asked to get a comprehensive view of your business.
1 Week
Gain actionable insights to spot anomalies, identify trends, and uncover opportunities.
3 Weeks
Go click-less and watch automated headlines emerge from your data based on your interests and behavior.