Embedded Analytics for In-App Actionable Insights

Embedded Analytics for
In-App Actionable Insights

Analytics Copilot helps you deliver intelligent search and actionable insights embedded in your application with easy-to-use APIs.

mach eye intelligent search hero image natural language
mach eye intelligent search hero image natural language

Increase user engagement with analytics


Embed Search

Enable users to ask any question of their data, and differentiate your product by providing an intelligent search. Replace static dashboards with a live, modern, and a natural search experience.


Embed Actionable Insights

Take users from search to action in seconds, distill your product data into intelligence, deliver instant actionable insights transforming data consumers into data doers.


Make your Product Stickier

Make your product more interactive with embedded live analytics, with MachEye consumering both data and intelligence for your users. Improve your user engagement and experience.


Build Insightful Data Apps

Make your data apps to be sticky and insightful with speed and at cloud-scale. Maximize developer productivity to offer a seamless analytical experience and self-service data consumption.

Embedded Analytics with Easy Integration

Integrate MachEye seamlessly with your existing analytics platforms and systems using embedded APIs, without any significant overhaul of existing infrastructure.

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Search-Driven Answers for Natural Experience

Embed MachEye’s Intelligent Search as a search box in your platform to help users find advanced insights on-demand. An intuitive natural language experience enables anyone to become a data-driven consumer, like Google for enterprise data.

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Actionable Insights for Insight-driven Actions

Make embedded analytics your competitive advantage by augmenting users with automated ML insights on anomalies, segments, and trends. Empower users to go beyond reporting historical data and truly understand key drivers of “why” metrics changed and “how” to take action.

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Interactive Stories for Engaging Experiences

Leverage the power of data storytelling for easy understanding of hidden insights. Natural language audio-visuals highlight key takeaways and present hyper-personalized insights as user-friendly narratives. Always be aware of what's happening in your data, even before you search.

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A “play” button to
accelerate time-to-action

Everyday decision intelligence is now as simple as pressing a "play" button. MachEye equips enterprises with an integrated cloud-native platform that offers intelligent search, actionable insights, and interactive stories for everyone at an organization.

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Add a play button to data Add a play button to data with mach eye Add a play button to data Add a play button to data with mach eye Add a play button to data Add a play button to data with mach eye
Contextual AI models for automatic discovery of advanced insights such as anomalies, trends, and segments.
Instant natural language-to-SQL generation with a live data warehouse connection to answer queries in real time.
Storytelling with interactive stories to make analytics as easy and engaging as social media experiences.

Designed for developers

Powerful and easy-to-use APIs for data consumption

Replace your static dashboards with an intuitive and intelligent search experience. Make it easy for your customers to receive data insights, and transform their decision intelligence. Our APIs and SDKs simplify the integration of intelligent search and actionable insights into JavaScript, Java, and Python-based applications.

Embed Search Box
Embed Charts
Embed Dashboards
Embed Insights
Embed Business Headlines

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