Case Study: Eltropy Reduces Time-to-Insight by 90% for their Customer Success Organization

Challenge: Transforming a lengthy manual process

Eltropy’s team of 30 customer success managers (CSMs) needed a more efficient way to quickly analyze their product usage data to improve their service levels and prepare for customer governance meetings. Previously, their usage data was exported as CSVs and used in manual analysis.

Solution: A modern Augmented Analytics platform

Eltropy embedded MachEye’s “Google like” Intelligent Search into their customer admin portal, which was used for reporting on customer success metrics. CSMs could now easily leverage search-driven analytics and actionable insights through a natural search experience, in addition to their custom reporting.

Now, CSMs and their clients can make the most informed decisions using real time data. MachEye automatically analyzes new data in Redshift and updates existing reports, giving executives and users a 360 degree view of customer success interactions. In addition to understanding “what” happened in the past, users get deeper insight into “why” usage metrics changed and “how” to act based on data.

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Break free from the limitations of charts! It's easy to share your data insights with internal or external customers and transform their decision intelligence. Our APIs and SDKs simplify the integration of intelligent search into JavaScript, Java, and Python-based applications.

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