Instant Time-to-Insight for Marketing and Demand Gen

Empower data-driven marketers with instant actionable insights to maximize ROI, convert more prospects, and optimize nurturing and conversion campaigns.

Better reach and convert prospects with real-time insights


Understand why metrics change

Leverage AI and ML to discover key drivers of growth, such as specific campaigns, media channels, or regional promotions. Understand “why” with advanced insights that can be missed by manual analysis, then make better and faster insight-driven decisions.


Optimize customer engagement

Instantly analyze billions of customer data points and find actionable insights to craft tailored messaging at the right place and the right time. Understand what resonates the most to win new customers and also keep existing customers engaged.


Maximize ROI on marketing budget

Reduce manual effort and turnaround time on insights, helping marketers identify the areas of highest opportunity as quickly as possible. Rapidly analyze results and experiment with new strategies to optimize spending on top-performing channels.


Improve campaign outcomes

Gain a holistic view of the customer journey to build a target customer profile, identify opportunities for growth, and replicate success. Consume actionable insights with a “Google and YouTube-like” analytics experience that recommends the best next action.

Make marketing data actionable with faster time-to-insight

In the race to win new customers and navigate challenges, marketers rely on analytics to help them extract insights from a wealth of customer data. MachEye’s self-service platform ensures every decision is informed by the best and latest intelligence. Any marketer can search, analyze, and interact with complex data in seconds - no technical training required. MachEye creates a single source of truth so marketers can receive intelligence on-demand and optimize customer engagement.

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Contextual AI models for automatic discovery of advanced insights such as anomalies, trends, and segments.
Instant natural language-to-SQL generation with a live data warehouse connection to answer queries in real time.
Storytelling with interactive stories to make analytics as easy and engaging as social media experiences.