The Ultimate Business Intelligence Platform

MachEye transforms how organizations approach business intelligence by combining natural search, AI-powered intelligence, and interactive audio-visual presentations in one unified solution.

A better way for everyone to engage with data

Natural Search

Ask questions and get instant answers, AI-powered search suggestions, and ambiguity correction.

Click-less Intelligence

Identify opportunities with AI-enabled deep exploration based on your past behavior and interests.

Interactive Audio-Visuals

Experience data storytelling with audio-visuals that incorporate natural language narration plus charts and graphs.

Click-less Intelligence


AI-Powered Insights

Make insights available for everyone at every point of decision-making.

Answer Recommendations

Get automatic recommendations for the next 5 relevant questions on the tip of your tongue.

Integrated Model Workflows

Seamless orchestration of business-specific AI models and pipelines that scale automatically.

Interactive Audio-Visuals


Storytelling with Audio-Visuals

Experience insights as interactive audio-visuals, 100% unique to MachEye.

Improved Adoption and ROI

Built-in data governance and intuitive user-friendly experience for quick user adoption.

Insights Anytime, Anywhere

Enable teams to consume insights on the go with mobile search, audio narrations, and more.

MachEye Complete Analytics Platform

MachEye offers a low-prep / no-prep cloud deployment platform that gets your data analytics up and running in minutes.

With a variety of data connectors available, you can easily plug into your existing data sources and start querying data live. No data duplication or transformation is required.

Built with AI as an Architecture, MachEye offers robust ML models to help you get the most out of your data. You can also integrate your home-grown or out-of-the-box models easily.

MachEye's unique Data Quality Index helps you identify and improve the quality of data, and in turn quality of insights. Stay current with accurate analysis!