Revolutionize Analytics for Business Users

Traditional analytics will only go you so far when your company tries to make sense of today's massive amounts of organised data. Over the next few years, augmented analytics, an approach that incorporates machine learning and natural language processing, will be critical to success. This ebook illustrates how augmented analytics helps with intelligent search, actionable insights discovery, predictions, and what, why and how analysis. This ebook would also explain how an enterprise can go beyond the augmented analytics as well.

Not only will augmented analytics allow more organisations to conduct successful analytic operations, but it will also save companies money, speed up decision-making, enhance employee trust in data, and help companies to obtain a higher ROI on the data specialists they do hire.

Companies that use legacy analytics systems waste a lot of their data team's time on mundane operations like report creation and data cleansing. Without requiring a huge time investment from expensive data recruits, augmented analytics can do it better.

MachEye's augmented analytics platform is designed to empower organizations to analyze their data more effectively and gain valuable insights to optimize their businesses. Unlike traditional analytical platforms that only provide answers to "what" questions on data, MachEye offers a comprehensive solution that enables users to answer "what, why, and how" scenarios for everyone in the organization. Through a user-friendly interface that includes Google-like search and YouTube-like audio-visual experiences, decision-makers at any level can receive actionable insights and recommendations. MachEye adds a new level of interactivity to data analysis with its actionable "play" button feature.

MachEye empowers anyone, regardless of skill level and industry, to search, analyze, and interact with complex data in seconds. Both large and small organizations can improve time-to-insight by 90% and reduce TCO by 10x. With a low-prep / no-prep implementation, MachEye connects directly to any SQL data store and empowers users to consume analytics in minutes.

This ebook highlights:

  • What is augmented analytics?
  • Benefits of augmented analytics
  • Augmented analytics vs Enterprise analytics
  • 12 features of an excellent augmented analytics product
  • How MachEye goes beyond augmented analytics

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