Decision Intelligence for Trusted Decision-Making

Decision Intelligence
for Trusted Decision-Making

Get trusted insights on the What, Why & How of data to make confident data-driven business decisions and convert every opportunity in time.

Empower teams to make quick confident decisions


Make Better Decisions

Enhance decision-making abilities with personalized insights and reduce the risk of human errors and biases in high-pressure situations.


Improve Speed of Decisions

Eliminate the busywork, get instant actionable insights, and arrive at decisions faster to make the most of every opportunity in time.


Unearth Hidden Intelligence

Empower users with self-service analytics to discover the reasons behind business events along with guidance on the next course of action.


Overcome Analysis Paralysis

Get most suitable action recommendations upfront to prevent getting overwhelmed and confused with too much data and irrelevant insights.

Ask Questions in Natural Language

Experience MachEye’s “Google-like” intuitive search experience where you can ask questions in simple language and refine your search with ambiguity corrections, contextual suggestions and prompts that optimize your search experience.

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Discover Insights Instantly

Understand the “why” behind business changes with MachEye’s configurable AI models that discover anomalies, segments, trends, and more, personalized based on your job role, interest area, and past behavior.

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Interactive Audio-Visual Data Stories

Consume data stories with text summaries and audio narrations. Understand your data and insights in an interesting new way with interactivity.

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