Case Study: Thinkster Empowers Every Tutor with Student Analytics

When the world turned to remote learning during the global pandemic, digital education platform Thinkster found itself swamped with thousands of new students and high demand for personalized virtual learning. According to CEO Raj Valli, “We were getting more demand than ever to fill the gaps created by new learning challenges.”

Thinkster’s business analysts were limited by static dashboards that reported siloed information. They needed a simple, flexible solution to display operational metrics as charts and visualizations, coupled with the ability to answer ad hoc questions.

Realizing the need for faster and better insight discovery, Thinkster turned to MachEye.

In this case study, learn how Thinkster uses MachEye's decision intelligence platform to accelerate data literacy and reduce time-to-insight for teachers, students, and parents.

With MachEye, Thinkster achieved:

  • Personalized and self-service analytics for all levels of users
  • Better user engagement with fun and easy audio-visual insights
  • Tangible cost savings with low-prep / no-prep deployment and no data silos

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